Mining Digital Leaky Feeder Systems


Mining Digital Leaky Feeder Systems

Mining Leaky Feeder Systems

The MTI Digital Leaky Feeder system – mineVOICE – is a very cost effective and simple way to deploy voice communication in an underground mine. 

Very often mine tunnels and drift do not have line of sight, and in this case a radiating cable is a very good option to ensure uniform radio coverage is obtained in all areas underground. We start with what our customers want from a leaky feeder communication system, how many voice channels? Will there be any monitoring and control required underground? How will the system be expanded?

A leaky feeder system requires bi-directional amplifiers to be installed regularly to provide a consistent signal underground. MTI Tech use low noise amplifiers, this means whether you are 500m or 5Km underground, the voice quality is excellent.

Over the past two decades our engineers have deployed hundred’s of Km’s of leaky feeder cable systems. We work with the worlds leading radio communication companies, such as Motorola, Entel, and Hytera.


We have been building, supplying, and supporting mining leaky feeder systems for over 12 years, all over the world and in a variety of different mines – copper mines, coal mines, zinc mines, potash mines to name just a few.

The mineVOICE system can be expanded to include personnel tracking, voice recording, SMS messaging, gas detection, telemetry, and a man-down facility. Diagnostics on each mineVOICE amplifier come as standard, so mine engineers can visually check the performance of the amplifiers while underground.

The main components of a leaky feeder system are the following.


The Radio Head End cabinet includes the radio repeaters, combining units, and power supply. MTI Tech offer Radio Head End cabinets with up to 16 voice channels. Very often at a mining site, this cabinet is installed on the surface in a cabin or a control room, where AC power is available. We would recommend a battery back-up unit is installed in case of AC failure.



Once the Radio Head End is installed, the leaky feeder cable is connected to the Head End. The cable will come in either 350m or 500m sections. The leaky feeder cable is very durable and is very easy to install. The cable ‘leaks’ the radio signal uniform over each cable section.


At the end of every leaky feeder cable, an amplifier will need to be installed. Our amplifiers are very easy and quick to install, requiring just one screwdriver. These amplifiers are bi-directional, so they will amplify the signal both to and from the Radio Head End. Our amplifiers are high quality and have a very low noise rating.



MTI Tech understand the importance of offering the correct radios for underground in a mining operation. A high IP rating is essential for the radio to operate in arduous mining environments. We supply a number of mining compatible radios.

MTI Tech understand that once the digital leaky feeder system is installed, this is not the end of our work. We are always on standby to support your mining communication operations, through telephone, email, and rapid on-site support.