Tunnelling Communication Systems

Tunnelling Communication Systems

Tunnelling Communication Systems

Tunnelling communication systems, such as Wi-Fi and leaky feeder networks provide many benefits to a tunnel construction project.

We have worked on Crossrail, National Grid Power Tunnels, Olympic Tunnels, and the M25 Tunnels to name just a few projects. During tunnelling, whether by a tunnel boring machine (TBM), or drill and blast, it is important for workers underground to have access to reliable communication equipment, and have a safe area to work in. Our systems enable workers to communicate with each other in all areas of the tunnel, and also track people underground in the case of an emergency, or evacuation of the underground work area.

We also provide connectivity between underground and London Fire Brigade (LFB) UHF radio equipment, which is required on many of the capitals work sites. We offer various communication technology systems, including fibre optic, wireless mesh, Wi-Fi, VHF & UHF (Leaky Feeder), and LTE systems.

Voice Communications
Data Communications
Environmental Monitoring

Personnel & Asset Location
Video Monitoring & Recording
Telemetry Systems

MTI engineers have deployed and supported tunnelling construction projects all over the world. Our tunnelling construction communication systems can be deployed in the harshest of environments.


Digital leaky feeder systems are an ideal choice to provide voice only, or voice with a small amount of data, for a tunnelling communication system. Systems can be re-used time and time again with some small refurbishments to the head end equipment.


Tunnelling leaky feeder systems can also incorporate personnel and asset tracking, as well as telemetry for fans and gas detection. The MTI mineVOICE leaky feeder system is a great solution for mines, and tunnels that require reliable voice and data applications.



Larger tunnelling projects require real-time data for productivity and safety requirements. Over the past 10 years, Wi-Fi networks underground have become the default technology for tunnelling communication systems.

MTI Tech build Wi-Fi systems for tunnelling projects, for metro tunnels, water tunnels, power tunnels – our systems are designed to withstand the harshest of environments. Our bespoke mineSMART Wi-Fi System is an underground communication platform is ideal for mining & tunnelling operations.


More and more applications underground require low latency communication – from autonomous vehicles, to drones flying underground remotely. With LTE licenses becoming more available and less expensive, LTE systems can be deployed on a tunnelling site to provide uniform low latency/high bandwidth systems.


MTI partner with technology manufactures to build LTE systems that are fit for deployment underground. Check out our Tunnelling Digital LTE Systems page for more information.

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Tunnelling LTE Systems